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Ruth and her friend Sandy have worked long enough on Earth to buy their little spaceship, and now they can travel the Grand Tour to the outer settlements. At their leisure. But Sandy's ex boyfriend wants her back. At any cost. And he is determined to get her, no matter what he has to do to accomplish that. 

But the girls escape him, and now have to try to outrun his ship by going through the asteroid belt and on out to the farthest settlement. There they find another planet that has been careening through space on its own. They're forced to land on it, but then Ruth is captured by the evil Xervyuz. But his son Darkness saves her, returns her to the good people who live above ground. But he has fallen in love with her. How can he make her his when he is so different from her? Especially while she is uncertain about her feelings about their differences. Can either find happiness?

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Full Moon

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Michael R. Hicks​

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Calleen Wilder​ 

  She's the spiritual medium who helped me with my Ascended Masters book.

Penthesilia Athena Morgan. Known to her friends and family as Pen, is descended from the Amazons. Her two aunts are witches, want her to be, but her powers will disappear on her twentieth birthday, if she chooses to not drink the two potions that will make them permanent. She does choose to drink them, and is taken to the official training camp where her aunts will teach her all she needs to know to be a witch.

​There, she meets three magical princes, who become fascinated by her, but she is not royalty. How can she have any kind of relationship with anyone royal? She doesn't believe she can, but the princes believe otherwise. But which one can they get her to choose?

​No Passion, no peace


​If you're into romance, you have come to a good site. I have a page each for the different genre I like to write in, listing all the books I’ve written so far; science fiction, fantasy and regency romance novels. This site is for the age range of New Adult on up. So come on in and see what you think. Enjoy.

Love Stories

These are by no means all of the books I have written. You'll find what I have published so far over at Amazon and on the other pages here. There will be more. I'll get them up on this site as soon as I can.

The Alpha Princes

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Interview With the Ascended Masters. This is the only nonfiction book I have written. Under my maiden name Bir. The book is a composite of my interview with the spiritual medium Calleen Wilder. Through her, I asked about many things spiritual as well as several mysteries found in the world.   For a free look inside, go to my Anna K Stein site, to the ‘free look’ page for the excerpt.

Christa Blake was one among a very few who had remained behind in her home town after her graduation from high school. But that didn't bother her. She was interested only in creating an online business so she could live anywhere she wanted and still earn an income. But fate had other plans.

Something is killing the livestock in her neighborhood's farms. Her father lost three cows now, so he and his son Joe are out in the fields to see if they can find the thing. But they don't find it. Because 'it' is not a regular wolf. 'It' is a werewolf, who has gone renegade. Two others are tracking him and have found him in Christa's neighborhood. And now Christa is caught in a world she didn't know existed, and is in love with who she considers the most beautiful man in existence. And then she meets his leader. Now a triangle has occurred, and she has to make a decision. But her decision astounds both men, and even herself, when she finds she can't decide between the two and so wants both of them. How in the world will she handle this?

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​In God, I most certainly do trust.


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Gold Frame Romance

These are all ebooks I wrote for Amazon's Kindle. I have more listed on my other pages here, and on Amazon.

This is the official site of the Gold Frame Books. These are romance novels in several genre. If you like paranormal romance books, I have some here. Paranormal romance series, too. and soon, some Regency romance books. Always a work in progress. Come in and enjoy what I have so far.

​I write under the name A K Stein in honor of my great grandmother. You'll find my books on Amazon under this name.