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Delany had never been treated so in her life. It was two hours ago when she and her sisters were kidnapped, but she still couldn’t believe it had happened. Now this bastard wants to play poker with her while they wait for the parson he sent his men after. How is she to get herself out of this?

She rescues herself, and her sisters, and they all head for New Orleans, to their brother Paden, so they can take her winnings she got from her kidnapper and go to England. To their aunt’s family there. There, they meet an earl and his sister, but a brother of her kidnapper followed them. How can she and her family save themselves from him? And how can she capture the earl’s affections when he has an English woman chasing him for the same purpose, because he wrote her a letter? 

These are by no means all of the books I have written. You'll find what I have published so far over at Amazon and on the other pages here. There will be more. I'll get them up on this site as soon as I can.

Interview With the Ascended Masters. This is the only nonfiction book I have written. Under my maiden name Bir. The book is a composite of my interview with the spiritual medium Calleen Wilder. Through her, I asked about many things spiritual as well as several mysteries found in the world.   For a free look inside, go to my Anna K Stein site, to the ‘free look’ page for the excerpt.

These are all ebooks I wrote for Amazon's Kindle. I have more listed on my other pages here, and on Amazon.

Miss Carie Elizabeth Ashton, third daughter of the sixth Earl of Everington, was in a rage. Her father was talking of postponing her first London season because of great Aunt Jermayne’s illness. Again! How was anyone ever going to know she exists if she can’t have a season?

Alex Anderson, a young man just come to England from America, wants to raise Appaloosas and Pintos in his new, chosen country and meets this exquisite young lady through his new acquaintance Baron Heathcroft. Now what is he to do? He came to England to avoid getting involved in a murder case back in America, and to help keep the culprits from being discovered by the law, but he needs to keep all that secret. How is he to court this young lady while he has to do that?

Both fall in love. But she has a very rich marquis dangling after her and she likes him, too. Alex has a big secret he has to keep and so hasn't proposed to her. He is not sure he should until all that is cleared up.  She wants Alex, but does he want her? He acts like he does, but he won’t propose. It is so frustrating, she is almost thinking she should accept the marquis. So what exactly is holding her back?

This is the official site of the Gold Frame Books. These are romance novels in several genre. If you like paranormal romance books, I have some here. Paranormal romance series, too. and soon, some Regency romance books. Always a work in progress. Come in and enjoy what I have so far.

​I write under the name A K Stein in honor of my great grandmother. You'll find my books on Amazon under this name.

​In God, I most certainly do trust.

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Ania Weston’s teen years were not happy ones. Her step father was the one who killed her father, his own brother, and forced her mother to marry him. All so he could own his brother’s land, money and wife. Her mother was a beauty, who had transferred her extraordinary good looks to her son and daughter. But now he was dead, by his own mistake of not taking proper care of the cabin they inhabited in Marshal, Texas. Now the children were free of him and can go to England where their mother’s family lived.

Their adventures took them to New Orleans, where they discovered they had a step sister, and on through Spain and France before they landed in England. Along the way, they gathered good friends. And a couple English lords who wanted to become better acquainted. But Ania’s past caused her to be suspicious of their motives. Would they want to spirit her and her sister away? Mistreat them, like Earnie, Hallon and the Alcalde did? Or could she finally believe she and her sister had at last found their true loves? 


My first 4 Regency Romance books are done!  You can find them over at Amazon.

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  She's the spiritual medium who helped me with my Ascended Masters book.

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​If you're into romance, you have come to a good site. I have a page each for the different genre I like to write in, listing all the books I’ve written so far; science fiction, fantasy and regency romance novels. This site is for the age range of New Adult on up. So come on in and see what you think. Enjoy.

Dark days loomed ahead of Brynn now. Her hated grandfather had forced her to marry fat old Mr. Hassley, so he could gain his land that bordered his estate. It bordered his, and it was the only way to increase his own. Mr. Hassley wanted Brynn. She was most beautiful, but he wasn’t allowed to have Brynn until he agreed to make out a will, leaving everything to her. But he forced the baron to make out a similar will, leaving everything to Brynn, before he would write his will to her. Thus done, she was forced into marriage to the hated man. 

But Providence stepped in. Both men died on her wedding day, one from a heart attack, the other from a stroke. Now Brynn was wealthy. Free of both of them. And she was going to sell everything and live with her great aunt in London. Trouble was, she sold both estates to a man who she thought was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. He wants to combine both estates into one so he can breed and raise his prize palominos. Brynn wants him. Wants to marry him. But how can she go back to live in her hated grandfather’s estate Bainhurst, where she experienced nothing but devastating nightmares?

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